What is Civímetro?

Civímetro is a guide for evaluation of civic labs.

Civímetro proposes a system that is adaptable to the context of each initiative but based on a methodological framework of reference that allows evaluations from different initiatives to be compared and, as such, to extract knowledge and share what is learned.

It has a seven-step evaluation plan to guide civic innovation initiatives throughout the entire process: from defining objectives and indicators to their measurement and reaching conclusions.

What is civic innovation?

Civic innovation projects look to create innovative ideas and find solutions to complex social challenges based on three differential ingredients with respect to other areas of innovation:

  • The proposed ideas and solutions are experienced within the reality of the local contexts in which they are implemented.
  • These ideas and solutions are promoted and developed primarily by local citizens and the communities.
  • Projects must be developed in a radically open and collaborative way.
  • Their objective is to resolve social challenges and empower citizens.

What is a civic lab?

Civic labs offer a meeting place for citizens where they can experiment and develop civic innovation projects in a shared learning environment.

Spaces where a person or a collective can propose to work on a social challenge specific to their neighbourhood or nearby surroundings, and where their neighbours can join in to develop the project in an open and collaborative way.


Civímetro arose in 2016 in the Civic Design Course promoted by CivicWise, an international network of researchers, freelancers, collectives and small businesses that share tools and methodologies for reflection and collective action in the fields of collective intelligence, civic innovation and open design.

Since then, Civímetro has been developed by different people and in different spaces until becoming what it is today:

Next challenges

The current version of Civímetro as a guide for the evaluation of civic labs is the result of development reached up to mid-2021.

As challenges for the future, we are considering:

Collaborate to make it possible

We are looking for experts in any of these topics.