What is it?

Civímetro is a guide for evaluation of civic labs.

Civímetro proposes a system adaptable to the context of each initiative but based on a methodological framework of reference that allows evaluations from different initiatives to be compared and, as such, to extract knowledge and share what is learned.

It has a seven-step evaluation plan to guide civic innovation initiatives throughout the entire process: from defining objectives and indicators to their measurement and drawing conclusions.


Why evaluate civic labs?

  • Because they are places that are aimed at empowering and offering autonomy to citizens.
  • Because they enable people and communities in a local context to be an active part of public policy processes through shared learning and open knowledge.
  • Because they are places where it is important to give visibility to the way things are done and the processes that determine reaching objectives.
  • Because they propose dynamics for collaboration and collective intelligence that are essential to living together in contemporary society.

Why Civímetro?

  • Because we need to give visibility to the changes that civic innovation produces in citizens and the territory.
  • Because we need to understand what makes the creation of civic experimentation processes possible in order to improve and activate them more effectively.
  • Because evaluation makes accountability possible, which should be incorporated as an essential phase of public policy.
  • Because it builds bridges between the network of civic labs to share learning.

Request support

Civímetro offers the possibility to receive accompaniment and consulting for initiatives during the evaluation process. We can work with the evaluation expert on your team to help them become familiar with Civímetro methodology. Contact us at hola@civimetro.org